U.S. online retail giant Amazon is partnering with South Korean companies across several industries as it moves to expand its presence in the country.

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile carrier and part of SK Group, said on Monday (November 16) that users of its ecommerce website 11Street will be able to directly purchase Amazon’s products through the site, though details have not been disclosed.

The U.S. retailer is also said to have signed an agreement under which it will invest in securities that allow it to buy a certain amount of new shares in 11Street based on the online shopping company’s performance.

The announcement came after Point Mobile, another South Korean company that manufactures industrial mobile devices, struck a partnership in July to supply barcode scanners used in Amazon’s warehouses for the next eight years.

Amazon will have the right to buy up to 1,482,618 new shares in Point Mobile – which would represent a 17.71% stake – if the company achieves agreed performance goals. Amazon reportedly had long discussions with Point Mobile’s existing private equity investors on the deal structure and ways to create synergies.

Amazon is expected to explore more investment opportunities in South Korea and its interest is unlikely to be confined to ecommerce companies, industry watchers said. It has acquired companies from different industries and regions in recent years, including U.S. grocery chain Whole Foods, Middle East ecommerce platform Souq.com, Indian payments processor Emvantage Payments and U.S. cloud technology startup CloudK.

“Amazon’s investment in South Korea has so far attracted interest among players in the online shopping industry,” an industry insider said. “But now more players in other industries will also likely pay close attention to Amazon’s moves.” (Reporting by Ar-rum Rho)

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