Pioneering a new global transaction system.

B2LiNK was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs: CEO Sohyung Lee, who worked at the world’s top consulting firm McKinsey & Company, CBDO Hyunseok Park, the first person to introduce fashion tattoos to Korea, and CVO Jaeho Lee, the co-founder of Memebox.


  • Type of Business: Software, Platform, Shopping, Trade
  • Representative: Sohyung Lee
  • Homepage:
  • Corporate Address: 12th floor , 14(Milimtower), Teheran-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Established in 2014, B2LiNK strives to produce an innovative and efficient IT platform for international commerce. The company offers IT-based international trades for global beauty brands and transforms overflows of emails, phone calls and personal meetings into a simpler, faster global IT transaction. Through the service, customers can find their growth potential and maximize profits.

Key Features

Distribution of global beauty brands via IT based services

More than 100 global beauty brand clients

“KNOW-HOW” for different global markets

B2LiNK’s real-time data platform lets customers check and follow their order status at any time and offer analysis on each marketing performance and outcome. Monitoring competitors’ performance to improve market strategy is also possible.

Since the establishment of B2LiNK, it has partnered with approximately 150 global beauty brands and marketed and distributed their products within China, Southeast Asia, and the United States. Each brand’s philosophy and unique selling propositioning is possible through B2LiNK.

Marketing global beauty products in China and the United States are two very different tasks. B2LiNK understands the different distribution and marketing strategies for different countries, based on its own database compiled through years of global trading experience.