Innovate your business with IoT Technology

Buildit specializes in the management, monitoring, and control of IoT devices and control, and IoT solution development. Buildit’s mission is to enable customers to innovate their business with its technology and accelerate the digital transformation of the world.


  • Type of Business: Software, IT, IoT, Application, Mobile
  • Representative: Yongsoon Choi
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  • Corporate Address: 60 Magong_gongdan-ro, Cheongni, Sangju, Gyeongbuk
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Established in 2016, Buildit has steadily developed itself through releasing various power modules, IoT sensors, and Build Thing™ products. The company values trust, challenge, professionalism, and ethics. Some of its major customers and partners are Samsung Electronics, Lotte Engineering & Construction, KT Engineering, and Korea Electronics Technology Institute.

Major Products

BuildThing IAQ

BuildThing IAQ is an integrated indoor air quality meter based on beacon technology. Buildit provides an indoor air quality monitoring solution through the integration of BuildThing Gateway and IAQ Cloud.

BuildThing Gateway

BuildThing Gateway is an IoT gateway that connects things to the Internet with Wi-Fi and Ethernet and LTE in BLE 5.1. Customers can collect information from BuildThing devices and send the collected data to a local TCP server or cloud.

BuildThing Loadcell

BuildThing Loadcell is a wireless load cell for safety accident prevention. We provide a load/pressure monitoring solution through the linkage of BuildThing Gateway and Loadcell Cloud.

BuildThing Beacon

BuildThing Beacon is the connecting point for digitizing real-world information. With the function to selectively combine and separate the sensor for the first time in Korea, it responds to multiple IoT solution requirements more flexibly.