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Cloudbric determined to make the web safe from cybercrime and hackers. To that end, Cloudbric is building software to protect connectivity for everything from web applications and IoT devices, all the way to blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company believe in internet connectivity exponentially growing across users and even objects – all of which we are striving to ensure a safe and secure connection free from malicious hackers.

Whether that protection requires artificial intelligence, secure web gateways or even a threat database, we are confident in our goal to provide the safest connected experience for all.


Cloudbric started off as an in-house endeavor in 2015 by one of APAC’s leading security companies, Penta Security Systems. Spinning off as its own legal entity in December 1, 2017, the founding members carried over 20 years of IT expertise and developed Cloudbric into more than just a cloud web application firewall service.

From the US all the way to Japan, Cloudbric’s software protects businesses across the world ensuring websites are free from breaches and hacks.