“To make your money work for you”


  • Type of Business: Finance, Investment, Software, Roboadvisor
  • Representative: Youngbin Kim
  • Homepage: https://fount.co/
  • Corporate Address: 222 Chunghyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Contact:  contact@humelo.com

Fount is an investment advisory service using artificial intelligence algorithms which amounted to ₩822.7 billion in 2020. With fount, customers can handle every step from opening an account to investing according to the asset allocation portfolio.

Key Features

Global Asset Portfolio

Artificial intelligence program of Fount finds various correlations between global financial assets and forms an optimal portfolio. Fount generates stable profits by considering 449 ever-changing economic indicators and analyzing 52,394 scenarios.

Zero commission in case of no profit

In addition to exceptional reliability and ease of use, Fount does not receive fees if the customers were not able to make a profit. In addition, Fount does not require a basic fee which is claimed regardless of operational performance. Fifteen percent of the total revenue will be charged as a performance fee each year.