“We protect you from unauthorized wireless threats in the hyperconnected society!”


  • Type of Business: Security, Detection, Manufacturing
  • Representative: Dr. Han
  • Homepage: https://www.gitsn.com/en
  • Corporate Address: #601, 602, 604, and 605, 288, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
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Founded in 2000, GITSN is a high-tech security solution provider, protecting personal privacy against potential threats such as eavesdropping, hidden camera, wireless hacking, and etc. GITSN has been supplying various solutions to more than 200 valued customers including National/Government Institutions.

Major Products

24/7 Intelligent Eavesdropping Detection System

24/7 Intelligent Eavesdropping Detection System is installed in important locations such as executive rooms, conference rooms, etc. to inspect for eavesdropping 24/7.

What is SMART-D, 24/7 Intelligent Eavesdropping Detection System?

01. Continuous detection 24/7 providing a secure eavesdropping-free safe space of a maximum of 150m2.

02. Through an automatic surveillance system that anyone can easily use, it provides the most efficient eavesdropping-safe space.

Wireless Hacking Detection System

A Wireless Hacking Detection System that detects wireless spy chips which incapacitate the network separation system by invading the server room, office, operating room, etc.

What is ALPHA-H, a Wireless Hacking Detection System?

01. It actively protects against wireless hacking through real-time surveillance 24/7.

02. Through location estimation between Remote Terminals, it points to the location of the signal source.

Portable Radio Frequency Detector

A fast, sensitive, and light Portable Radio Frequency Detector which is optimized for wireless security inspections.

What is ALPHA-P, a Portable Radio Frequency Detector?

01. It can quickly respond to threats such as wireless eavesdropping, hidden cameras, hacking, etc.

02. Independent operation is possible, and the effects can be maximized when used along with a 24/7 detection system.