Igis Asset Management has launched “Igis Global High Dividend REITs Plus Fund” which wil invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate stocks listed in North America, Europe and Asia, the Construction News reported on June 8.

The fund, the first REITs fund run by Igis Asset Management, plans to invest in high dividend stocks with high growth potential and investment attractiveness in major advanced countries.

Igis Asset Management’s alternative securities investment team, which manages the fund, is comprised of professional management personnel with abundant investment expertise and research capabilities in global real estate and REITs. It has already managed global REITs funds in the form of private equity and achieved better results than benchmarks despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, under the government’s plan to promote indirect investment in public real estate, dividend income will be separately taxed. 

“REITs have an easier and more stable profit outlook because it invests in real estate,” said an Igis Asset Management official. “We plan to add intact REITs assets like data centers and telecommunication towers to our portfolio to pursue stable high returns.” (Reporting by Hyewon Chang)