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Investment in foreign countries or financing from offshore markets is always challenging. In addition to having a knowledge of finance and investment, financiers need resources that are credible and reliable and have extensive access points. You can hire an experienced local agent or rely on various experts or advisors, such as accountants and lawyers. But if your outsourcing budget is limited or you need backup resources for your agent, we are here to help.

We focus on the Korean capital markets:

  • investment firms and professionals trying to access Korean fundraising markets, finance deals or locate business buyers.
  • investors or funds investing in Korean businesses.
  • corporations that plan to invest in or acquire Korean businesses.
  • investors and corporations trying to increase their exposure in Korean markets or business.
  • economists, strategists, or analysts who conduct reviews and studies of Korean markets or business. 

We answer questions about:

  • things that are known to locals but that are NOT readily discoverable for foreigners. 
  • people that locals can approach for reference and background information, but foreigners can’t.
  • connections that locals can get access to with a few phone calls, but foreigners can’t.
  • facts that locals can sort out from rumors, but foreigners can’t.
  • politics that are known to locals, but are not accessable to foreigners.
  • network information that is known to locals, but is not discoverable for foreigners.
  • markets that are readily available to locals, but are not known to foreigners.
  • experts who are known to locals, but are not discoverable for foreigners.
  • government bodies and agencies that locals can navigate, but foreigners can’t.

But we don’t:

  • call, request, apply, or file on your behalf, as we don’t act as an agent for our clients.
  • seek to discover confidential information in any form.
  • seek to obtain and disclose trade secrets of any business.
  • broker any deals, trades, transactions, etc.
  • make direct one-on-one introductions, other than organizing network events or group chats.

Q&A Samples

I was told that the term of NPS CIO may not be extended when his tenure expires in the coming October. Can you confirm this for us?We know that capital market participants, domestic and overseas, are all paying attention to whether An Hyo-joon will be able to serve for one more year as a chief investment officer (CIO) of  the biggest institutional investor in Korea, with his two-year term expiring in October. We have contacted a couple of sources who have direct knowledge in the NPS and concluded that Korea’s market players are increasingly putting more weight on the possibility of an extension to An’s term. 
Can you let me know the telephone number of Division of Real Estate Investment at NPS?The direct telephone number is 82-63-711-0700. If you want to know telephone numbers of other divisions, we will let you know about them.
Is Korea Post’s insurance arm looking for real estate debt managers to invest $200 million in mezzanine debt? Do you know the qualification of the managers?Both domestic and foreign asset managers are allowed to submit investment proposals by the deadline of August 19 by 5 p.m. (Seoul time). Qualified managers must have at least five years of management experience in overseas real estate mezzanine funds. As for local asset management companies, they must have at least 300 billion won ($251 million) in assets under management. In the second-phase evaluation process for shortlisted candidates, Korea Post will conduct on-site due diligence before finalizing the selection around October.

Q&A Service Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use the subscriber Inquiry service?

Only Basic Plus and Premium subscribers can use this service.

2. Is there a limitation on the number of questions?

Basic Plus subscribers can ask up to 5 questions during a monthly subscription period, while Premium subscribers can ask maximum 15 questions. The number of questions is not cumulative, so the unused inquiries will expire.

3. To what extent is Capital Connect liable for subscriber Inquiry answers?

The answers are solely for informational purposes. Capital Connect does not warrant nor represent the accuracy or truthfulness of its answers on the subscriber Inquiry service. Capital Connect disclaims any potential liabilities associated with answers on the subscriber Inquiry service. Answers are based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but no independent verification has been made, nor is their accuracy or completeness guaranteed. Subscribers must use their own sources to verify the accuracy and validity of the information.

4. What is Capital Connect’s source of information on the subscriber Inquiry service?

Capital Connect has built a strong information-sharing network with resources, knowledge and background of about 80 experienced reporters of thebell, the largest capital market news agency in South Korea, and more than 20 correspondents who previously worked for NPS, KIC, savings funds and insurers.

5. How long does it take for subscribers to get answers?

It will take a maximum of three business days. Capital Connect will always make its best effort to answer subscriber inquiries in a timely manner.

6. What happens if Capital Connect is unable to answer a question?

Capital Connect will make every effort to provide timely answers but occasionally we may not be able to provide satisfactory responses. In such cases, we will notify you and your inquiry will not count toward the monthly limit. There may also be cases where Capital Connect will decline to answer if it risks violating privacy rules or any other regulations.

7. I have a Basic membership which does not allow me to use the Inquiry service. Can I ask questions if I pay additional fees?   

No. You would have to upgrade your subscription to either Basic Plus or Premium.

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