Steel Cargo

Upon the establishment of the company, Kwangyang no.7 and Kwangyang no.12 were deployed to POSCO inshore transportation. Kwangyang no.9 and Kwangyang Sunshine, are used for overseas transportation. Ships consisting of 1,179 cargo-loaded cassette containers, including Kwangyang Leader, Kwangyang Pioneer, the world’s first steel-only RO-RO ship, and Kwangyang Frontier, a new concept of RO-RO system based ship, transport steel products safely among POSCO’s domestic distribution terminals using the RO-RO system.

Five shipping companies including us are currently participating in POSCO’s domestic steel products transportation, and some charter ships are used at times depending on the shipment conditions. We are trying to provide satisfactory transportation services including POSCO, our main customer, through improved transportation quality and timely delivery.

Bulk Cargo

‘Mokryeon no.3’ and ‘Jangmi no.3’ is used to transport general bulk cargoes such as clinker which is a cement ingredient. They also transport steel subsidiary ingredients such as limestone, silica, and silicon. We are actively developing new shippers for various general bulk cargo transportation projects.

Heavy Cargo Shipping Business

Registered as domestic shipping agents in Gwangyand and Pohang, we provide perfect services for global bulk ships, container ships and automobile carriers entering and departing Gwangyang, Pohand and Hadong ports.

The company is operating 2 “Self-propelled barges” (Dongbang Giant no.1, no.7)and is expanding the Heavy Cargo market in cooperation with ‘Dongbang trasport & Logistics’.