Founded in 1989, Eugene Asset Management is a Seoul-based mid-sized asset management company. It operates various fund packages such as investment in non-performing loans (NPL), real estate, special assets (ship and movie), private equity, as well as traditional stocks and bonds. It is one of the subsidiaries of South Korea’s Eugene Group and is 100% owned by Eugene Securities.


Young-Jae Jin joined Eugene Asset Management in 2005 and has been working as CEO since 2019 after serving as the head of alternative investment. He majored in economics at Seoul National University and worked at Anjin Accounting Corp and Hudson Advisors Korea before joining Eugene. In the asset management industry he is well-known as a manager who performs well by managing NPL funds stably.


As of August 2020, Eugene Asset Management’s assets under management are worth 9.6457 trillion won ($8.1 billion). Recently it has agreed to take over shares, including management rights, of the most popular online secondhand marketplace in South Korea, Joonggonara, for 100 billion won.

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