“Connect all the beauty entities with Skin Data”


Lulu means ‘an outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing,’ and we wanted to make a ‘lulu’ and be a ‘lulu.’ It is also a term that represents happiness and joy, so it conveys our team’s ambition to make users happy by helping them feel more beautiful everyday with devices that pleasantly fit into their lifestyles.

Key Features

AI Captures Your Face

LUMINI’s automatic face detection and light correction technologies capture your entire facial skin for optimal, accurate analysis.

AI Analyzes Your Skin

LUMINI examines up to your inner skin, increases its analysis accuracy through deep learning, and rates your skin in 6 different categories: Wrinkles, Pigment, Redness, Pores, Sebum, Trouble.

AI Recommends Products

LUMINI finds suitable products and services that work best for your skin.