The Military Mutual Aid Association (MMAA) plans to invest about 2.1 trillion won ($1.88 trillion) in new real estate and alternative assets this year despite the uncertain investment climate resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

MMAA, which provides pension services for military personnel, will allocate 100 billion won in bond investment and 1 trillion won in real estate and alternative investments respectively, according to a newsletter released on January 28.

For this purpose, MMAA will start investing in top-rated corporate bonds as well as the hybrid securities of high-quality businesses that promise stable profits.

It will also expand investments in high-quality real estate at home and abroad, the digitalization of social overhead capital in transportation and construction and new growth sectors like biology, ICT and renewable energy, the newsletter said.

MMAA aims to generate about 310 billion won in profits from 9.2 trillion won of investments this year, including existing deals. (Reporting by Capital Connect staff)