We hack the whole Agrifood value chain to feed the world sustainably

N.THING is leading the innovation of the Agrifood tech industry with IT and data, and aiming for further innovation of the global food value chain. By integrating agriculture that lifts restrictions of time and place, N.THING can provide safe and clean foods to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


  • Type of Business: Agriculture, IoT, Software, Modular Farm
  • Representative: Hyeyeon Kim
  • Homepage: https://nthing.net/
  • Corporate Address: 54 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Contact: connect@nthing.net

Since its foundation in 2014, N.THING has launched mobile gardening journal application ‘LIFE’ and IoT smart pot ‘PLANTY’ in 2014 and 2015. Since then, N.THING has expanded its smart pot system into modular farm and exported system to various regions in Korea and UAE.  It is offering several standardized models of its modular farm ‘CUBE’ from CUBE 02 for local test to CUBE 84 for commercial use. The company earned iF Design Award in Architecture and CES 2020 Best of Innovation in Smart Cities in 2020.


CUBE Cloud

CUBE cloud stably manages cube farms all around the world, anytime. All devices within the CUBE Farm are connected to CUBE cloud via IoT Technology. The manager can check the cultivation status with a mobile device, and can remotely control the environment when necessary. All wireless communications are encrypted for security purposes. 

CUBE Safety

CUBE Safety feature minimizes the risks of crop damages. As the size of the farm site grows, the risk carried by simple malfunction – such as power/water outage, AC failure increases. N.THING has developed the CUBE safety technology that automatically responds to environmental issues 24/7, with global operation and management experiences. 


CUBE AI identifies the changes of crops at each growth stage and makes appropriate decisions. Taking a step further from CUBE OS that creates the optimal environment for each crop, CUBE AI evaluates the growth change of crops and decides the accurate harvest timing. This allows a shorter production cycle of higher quality crops.