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NANO is specialized in SCR DeNOx catalyst to remove NOx.We bring cost-effective and transparent innovation to business logistics.


  • Type of Business: Chemical, Catalyst, Environment
  • Representative: Jungbeom Yoo
  • Homepage: http://www.nanoin.com/en/nano
  • Corporate Address: 60 Magong_gongdan-ro, Cheongni, Sangju, Gyeongbuk
  • Contact:  +82-10-54-533-5887

NANO is the No.1 company in Korea focusing on technology to eliminate PM (particulate matter).  Specializing in the production of SCR DeNOx catalyst to remove nitrogen oxides. NANO has contributed to the world clean air by supplying SCR catalyst for power plants, industrial boilers, incinerators, chemical plants, and engines.

Major Services

Catalyst Regeneration (NANO ART)

NANO ART is an innovative SCR catalyst regeneration technology that helps customer save cost for purchasing a new catalyst by recycling used catalyst. Through the process, over 90% of initial catalyst activity can be recovered.

Micro/Venture Scale Catalyst Evaluation Service

A proper catalyst design requires technology to accurately evaluate the catalyst performance of each product. NANO developed and built a catalyst performance evaluation system to control the quality of catalysts in the product development of new catalysts.

R&D Center

NANO’s R&D Center has earned over 20 patents and certificates. The center is working on the government-funded Green Innovation Company Support Project to develop high density layered SCR catalyst (NTL-65C) for removing nitrogen oxides from LNG power plants.

It is also working on the establishment of SCR catalyst evaluation technology, development of multifuncional catalyst manufacturing technology, SCR catalyst regeneration, low temperature catalyst and others.