The National Pension Service of Korea (NPS) added six foreign alternative managers to its roster in the three months ending June 30, increasing managers in the category from 150 to 156, according to its quarterly manager update.

Sixth Street Partners has been added to the pension fund’s list of foreign private equity managers after it formally separated from US buyout firm TPG as an independent organization in May. According to its website, the firm has more than $47 billion in assets under management.

NPS has also added Allianz, Angelo Gordon and Starlight Investments to its real estate manager roster.

In June, NPS signed a $2.3 billion joint venture with Allianz to increase real estate investment in major cities across Australia, Singapore, Japan and China.

Angelo Gordon is a US alternative investment firm with approximately $39 billion under management in credit and real estate strategies. Starlight Investments, a Toronto-based real estate investment firm, has $14 billion in assets under management.

Antin Infrastructure Partners was hired by NPS during the second quarter. With offices in Paris, London and New York, Antin manages four funds investing in infrastructure in Europe and North Asia, with 6.4 billion euros of assets under management including co-investments. The pension fund also added Singapore-based Keppel to its infrastructure manager list. (Reporting by Hee-yeon Han)