Process visualization for process innovation

PuzzleData develops ProDiscovery, which is the first and only process mining tool in Korea. Through process mining technology, PuzzleData analyzes corporate systems’ log data and leads to the improvement and innovation of the overall process.


PuzzleData was established in 2015 by a group of process mining experts. PuzzleData offers consultation for process innovation with the objective to enhance efficiency and reduce cost through process analysis. The company provides opportunity for the customers to make data more meaningful and useful via ProDiscovery, a process mining tool developed by Puzzle Data. KB Securities, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea, Seoul National University Hospital and LG Chemistry are some of its major customers.

Key Features of ProDiscovery

Various analysis tools and dashboard configurations

Process comparison and robust filter functionality

Support multi-user and cloud services

  • Comprehensive review of analysis via dashboard
  • 30 analytical visualization tools (puzzles) for various type of analysis
  • Data filter for classification and analysis
  • Process comparison function
  • Drill-down analysis using 6 powerful filters
  • Full filtering within dashboards and individual analysis puzzle filter applications available
  • Independent analyzing opportunity for each individual
  • Dashboard sharing feature that allows users to share results
  • Cloud services for public or private cloud environments