“To keep a better every day life for the many people.”


Launched in January 2020, Routinery is currently used by 500,000 people with about 80% of overseas users. With hope of making application to provide environmental tools that can be easily achieved without thinking about when and what to do, it helps build routines based on behavioral science. Through the understanding of the environment outperforming will, Routinery helps create productive plans and routines for customers.

Key Features

Manage habits and routines

Create your own routine by creating productive habits. Add your own habits and get habit recommendations. You can schedule your routine with automatic notification.

Powerful Routine Timer

Start with a timer so you don’t put off your habit.
Verify routine progress including remaining habits. You can also use the app as a study timer and planner.

Statistics and Feedback

View how you planned and carried out your routine thorough statistics. This can help you improve your routine activities achievement with feedback.

Conversations and Badges

Routinery offers conversations and badge features to keep you up. Our message during routine activities can encourage routine activity. Acquire badges through achieving daily routine.

Other Features

Routinery supports iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It also offers seamless backup and synchronization between devices. Dark Mode is also supported.