“AI made with Strong Engineering”

To innovate machine intelligence for understanding, assisting and improving daily lives -anytime and anywhere


  • Type of Business: Software, AI
  • Representative: Wonkyu Jo
  • Homepage: https://www.skelterlabs.com/en/
  • Corporate Address: 60, Seongsui-ro 22-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 04798
  • Contact: contact@sketerlabs.com / business@skelterlabs.com

Skelter Labs is a strong engineering-driven technology company founded in November 2015 by a team of AI experts. We provide core technologies in conversation and hyper-personalization under the ‘AIQ’ product family. As a technology provider, Skerlter Labs’ priority is to create value for businesses by making existing solutions work better with practical applications in AI.

Key Features

Skelter Labs provides best-in-class conversational AI technologies to the market by applying and integrating advanced machine learning techniques. AIQ.TALK Chatbot is an AI-based solution to create the most efficient virtual agent for any businesses.

Our AIQ.TALK STT and AIQ.TALK TTS are based on one-of-a-kind speech technologies, enabling human-like conversations.

Our machine learning based hyper-personalization technology extracts and processes a vast amount of mobile signals, turning them into real-world consumer insights. Recognizing user entities and activities in real time with highly accurate inference, AIQ.AWARE is the most innovatice tool in its class to deliver personalized consumer experiences.