“Artificial Intelligence Solution Provider”


  • Type of Business: Machine Learning, AI
  • Representative: Hayoung Jang
  • Homepage: http://surromind.ai/
  • Corporate Address: 2F, 116, Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Contact: contact@surromind.ai

Established in 2015, Surromind specializes in artificial intelligence programs for general use. It has published about ten papers at top-level artificial intelligence conferences such as NIPS, ICCV, ECCV, and IJCAI, and has been selected as NVIDIA Inception Partner. Surromind has carried out over 13 artificial intelligence R&D projects. It has published the paper “Multimodal Anomaly Detection based on Deep Auto-Encoder for Object Slip Perception of Mobile Manipulation Robots” ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) in 2021.

Key Features

High-efficiency/ High-performance car model classification

The purpose of developing “visual data recognition and classification technology” is to develop customized recognition and classification technologies specific to customer problems. Surromind is concentrating on powerful artificial intelligence engine that recognizes and classifies objects, scenes, and events in the video.

Situation Determination and Indoor Autonomous Driving AI for Robots

Surromind is developing situation judgment and indoor autonomous driving technology for robots. One of the project examples is to use the robot “Pepper” made by Softbank Japan to approach and guide customers in the shopping mall and provide product coupons for specified items. For this service, Surromind developed “Robot localization and mapping”, “Deep learning-based customer detection”, “Optimal path calculation and driving technology”, and “obstacle recognition and avoidance technology”.